I'm Astrid, this is MY story. It's about time you read this.

I’m alone. This is how I feel even though I may have someone in my life. Is it my fault?

Moving on…for good

Old Max is deleted, blocked, and out of my life. I made the decision after Macks and I started hanging out again. There’s hope with him, there’s feelings, and they are growing. Old Max would have gotten mad at me again and left. Maxwell is sleeping next to me right now and it is the gayest feeling ever.


I don’t support self starvation, im not suggesting it either. This was just an alternative I took. I may regret it some day.

Not eating.

So after I made a decision to eat less, I’m noticing the changes in me. I feel prettier already. I feel beautiful. For once. I didn’t think it would be this little but its a start.